December 09, 2008

Financial Literacy Education

Want to be a financial planner or financial consultant of your own finances or your whole family?
TheIMG (International Marketing Group)-WFG(World Financial Group) is conducting series of seminars that discusses Savings, Insurance and Investment like mutual fund, treasury bills, stocks, etc. with the purpose to teach or educate Filipino people about the Financial Industry.

A subject never been taught in school so a lot people doesn't know how bank or financial industry works, then keep on asking why rich gets richer and why poor gets poorer, due to lack of Financial education which rich people have.

The two series of seminars are free.

If you're interested to learn Financial Literacy Education attend our 1 hour seminar from 7:30 P.M. - 8:30 P.M. every tuesday - friday. You may come anytime from 9 am-8pm during Saturday.

Call or text: Rose Ann Sajol (09218200428, 4807960, 9016122)

December 08, 2008

Teacher in Blue Scrub Suit

Last week as I was walking to go home I passed by a group of kids and the two of them were about to box each other while the other kids were cheering for a fight, which they thought were cool. I interrupted between them, I said " Stop it, that's bad" and I went home.

After that event, I can't remember anymore what I was doing then, but it suddenly crossed my mind that isn't that its one of goal to pursue to teach kids after I chose to retire at 30 years old. How I feel guily for I missed an opportunity to know those kids. I could have sit with them and treat them for an ice cream in the nearby ice cream store then start a conversation.

Well, this coming monday I told my self why not I give it a try to teach those kids, any way there's a spare room in my workplace, instead of sleeping which I do most of the time if I don't have laboratory works. Well, I can do something worthwhile to end up my idle time, that it bores me too much. For lately I've been so conscious about time, I shouldn't have idle moment, if I'm not doing anything I must be into something like reading books. Maybe due to my Financial Literacy Education and those Robert Kiyosaki books I’ve red.

So this morning when I went out and saw the boy I've been giving a burger everytime I saw him, his name is Manny Boy. I held his hand and told him to buy him an ice cream after I teach him. He immediately replied yes, I asked him if he can bring fellow kids, he said he'll call Zaldy then he ran.

My first two sudents were Manny Boy and Zaldy. I taught them the Filipino Alphabet first then the English Alphabet. For an hour, somehow I taught them the alphabet, though I'm not a teacher in the first place and I don't even have experience teaching lessons. It was fun, especially Zaldy he's really attentive to what I'm teaching and he even told me that we have two hours class, so when I said that we're done, he asked if it's 2 P.M. already for we started at 12 o' clock. It's not yet 2 P.M., but they can comeback tomorrow again and bring kids with them.

Minutes after I dismissed them, Zaldy brought kids with him already, those kids which he brought asked me if Ican teach them too. So, I said yes just comeback tomorrow. They went then comeback again, asking me if I can teach them now, I said okay comeback at 5 P.M. for I have something to attend to.

At 5 P.M., they really came back and the 3 kids who asked me a while ago were accompanied with 10 kids. I said wow! from 2 kids to suddenly 15 kids. I let them set in the floor for there's not enough chairs. I asked what they want me to teach them, they all shouted math subject, they said Division. Okay, though I'm not good in math, really, I hate that subject when I'm in school. Anyway they are still in grade school so maybe my simple knowledge in Math will do.

At first it's so noisy and somewhat topsy-turvy, of course we know how kids are, for they all want to answer and reciting the Multiplication table in chorus. They laughed when their fellow kids said a wrong answer. When someone went to the bathroom, some kids followed so the bathroom was flooded even outside the bathroom the floor was wet. But, I didn't get mad, ha ha ha.... when they're noisy I was the one who keep quiet. I asked them if they want to learn they should keep quiet. They kept quiet for a while then again, noisiness followed. Still, our class went pretty well.

While I was walking home, I just don't know why but I'm cheerful and I'm even smiling so big while walking. I don't wanna exaggerate, but I felt I was feeling light and excited about going to work tomorrow.

They even went back, asked me if they can comeback at 5 P.M. after their classes in school and if they will bring notebook.

As I was writing this, I'm remembering their faces, I saw how excited they were, how happy they were that somebody is giving time to teach them, they even called it a tutorial. The tutor thing is so big for them, because here in my country only well off parents can afford to hire a tutor for their children.

Teacher is what they called me.

For them I’m a teacher wearing a blue scrub suit writing in a white board.

Today I started tutoring kids I still don’t remember their names, only their faces and noisiness.