June 04, 2009

CSI: New York 100th episode

Catch the 100th episode of CSI: New York on June 9, 2009 in AXN. The CSI: NY 100th Episode is titled My Name is Mac Taylor

Brace yourself for a big Mac attack in the 100th episode, which sees the team tackling their most unusual case and one that hits very close to home indeed. Someone is after all Mac Taylors in the city, leaving CSI: NY’s protagonist, Detective Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) and 15 other New Yorkers with the same moniker in mortal danger. With the first two Mac Taylor victims found dead within two weeks, Detective Mac Taylor must determine the killer’s motive before he strikes again, while coping with the demands of a new woman on top, his first female boss (Julia Ormond).

CSI: NY has drawn and kept millions of viewers on the edge of their seats since its debut in 2004, spawning several comics and novels from its explorations of crime in the Big Apple. Now, five years later and in its fifth fabulous season, it continues to be incredibly popular and is celebrating with its milestone episode! In fact, a record 14 million US viewers tuned in for CSI: NY's 100th episode, a remarkable 17 percent leap from its previous episode and a whopping 21 percent increase from last season's average.

Dr. House 100th Episode in AXN

Dr. Gregory House in AXN Asia celebrates its 100th episodes on June 8 2009. See it first. Catch House 100th episode.

The Greater Good is the title of the 100th is episode.

In the 100th episode The Greater Good, the collapse of a brilliant cancer researcher who gave up her career to pursue personal satisfaction makes the House's team stop in their tracks, to question their own happiness and life choices. More dilemmas come in the form of Thirteen’s worsening side effects to the experimental Huntington’s disease clinical trial, endangering not just her life but also Foreman’s career prospects. House and Cuddy also get up to serious mischief with Cuddy determined to retaliate by making his life miserable - setting up a trip wire in House’s office and taking off with his cane, of all things!

June 03, 2009

How To Know If Your Dreams Are God’s Dreams by Bro. Bo Sanchez

june 3, 2009

How To Know If Your Dreams Are God’s Dreams
( Finding His Will in Your Deepest Desires )

I've just finished reading Bro. Bo Sanchez's e-book " How To Know If Your Dreams Are God’s Dreams ". I must say I was struck outright like lightning from the sky, sorry too much exaggeration... :-)

Kidding aside, Bro. Bo's e-book anchored me to add weight to my dreams, to be more super passionate about it. I already knew my deepest dreams, in fact I've written it and everyday I read and pray for it. Reading and digesting his e-book to know your dreams if it's God dreams thus to find God's will in your deepest desire, gives me direction like a compass that leads you to the right path.

By the way to those who don't know Bro. Bo Sanchez and never heard of him, Bro. Bo is a wonderful preacher, writer and entreprenneur here in the Philippines, above all Bro. is a teacher to me through his best selling books I do learned a lot to the extent of influencing my thoughts towards life and money and shaping my goal through God's way. To know more about him visit Bro. Bo Sanchez website http://www.bosanchez.ph/

How To Know If Your Dreams Are God’s Dreams book leads you to the discovery of your Soul Dream and how it is differ from Superficial dreams. He said Soul Dreams are simply the dreams connected to the deepest part of our life — our soul, these dreams are fuelled by our passion and completely fullfilled with a Divine touch. Bro.Bo Sanchez stresses that dreams are just a futile dream if not imbued with The Three Powerful Secrets Behind All Successes in Life: Desire, Belief and Action, how these three (3) Powerful Secrets are very crucial to one's achievement of success.

Guys, if word dreams are foreign to you read this book it'll help you unveil your dreams, if you want to tap your core gifts to be the blueprint of your dreams ponder on this book, if you'd like your dreams to be inclined with God's purpose, this book is a must.

I'd like to qoute " The Dream Must Make You Happy in the Deepest Way Possible " from his book How To Know If Your Dreams Are God’s Dreams.

June 01, 2009

Have you been REJECTED?

Have you been REJECTED?

Did you ever had an experience as though you're being dumped?

Or there is something you've been waiting for so long(you hope and pray for it) but then the moment you receive the answer you are terribly disappointed.

Today I have my own share of frustration. It's like a failure to me because I was disappointed 3X in a row. Ugh!! All these happened this month.

First. My HIV training to have a license in HIV screening test. I've been waiting a call from DOH (Department of Health) for almost a year now and to my disappointment they called me to inform I wasn't included in the batch of trainees next month. Waaaaaaaaaa........ I hate you!

Second. Someone I trusted borrowed money from me and promised to pay me within the month. Unfortunately, as if he disappear from the face of the earth so I can't contact him anymore. Grrrrr... You crook!!

Third. I waited and prayed for it too, to get this part-time job but then again after the evaluation on the 1st day of training the HR manager said " Sorry ". I had high hope to have this job for financial reason. Whatttt!!! Oh Please..

Last night I was yet able to console my self, yet today frustration, disappointment and rejection sink in. I feel I'm the most unfortunate. I want to scream and cry out loud for I feel bad and sad.

I opened " Our Daily Bread " and the gospel of the day is Romans 8:18-21 says " I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. The creation waits in eager ecpectation for the sons of God to be revealed. For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God."

I did cry for I feel God is talking to me. I still feel bad a bit yet I saw great purpose behind frustration and rejection - COURAGE and ACCEPTANCE. Really, God is Great!

God allows failure to happen to make us courageous so that we can win over any challenges that comes. Through acceptance, failures teach us to be humble and see opportunity in every failure.

So guys, if you're down and it seems the whole world rejected you that no one you can turn to. Come to HIM. HE will not reject you for HE is waiting for you to call on HIM.