July 19, 2011

A Death on my Birthday

Each birthday is a step we take on the road to inevitable final days. We will all grow old. We will all die. We will all live this human world. No one is exempted.
No one who was proclaimed dead, embalmed and inside the coffin already, as far as I know, got up from the grave and would react to whatever the visitor’s statement at the funeral. But they say it is expected that always every body will say something nice about the deceased. Try say something unpleasant and for sure all the people around you will cast a look of ‘be considerate that person is already dead".

So, why we have to wait for the necrological service or some few days left of our love ones, family members, friends, relatives, neighbours, enemies, co-workers and our fellows to give our forgiveness, show our love, touch them with care, say our prayers and offer our warmest hug. At the funeral though how loud you cry or how much tears you shed, it won’t matter anymore. We are all guilty of these. Guilty of what ifs and why not. And regretting of the lost days we could have spent loving, caring, forgiving and spreading peace.