April 16, 2009

Our Pasig river, your Pasig river and my Pasig river

I pass to Pasig river everyday as I off to work. Everyday I see Pasig river smothered with water lilies or at times it's like a plantation of Kangkong. During days when it is destitute of water lilies I can freely see how black the river is and most of the time the river stinks as though you'd throw up.

Based on research it says the Pasig river is dead which no fish can thrive anymore. Yet, nowadays the only fish survives is the Janitor fish as they call it. Janitor fish multiplies so fast that the entire stretch of Pasig river swims with myriad of Janitor fish. It feels sad to look at that instead of edible and our local fishes should be increasing in number, yet a foreign fish is thriving.

When my grandmother was still alive she told me how clean the water in Pasig river was. When they can still wash clothes and swim. She told me wild grass were growing nearby. As of now either side of the river is filled with sprawling houses which such an eyesore to look at.

Is Pasig river has a chance left to recuperate?

I saw a movie shot in London wherein the scene is cruising in the river. And also when I was in Bohol I went to cruise in Loboc river. Both river is unpolluted and clean up to this day - unpolluted river where you can fish, swim, enjoy for a picnic and cruise.

We are all complaining in increasing prices of commodities, unresolved traffic or unrelaxed city life. All of these adversities we live for everyday are self-inflicted. We could have save ourselves a lot from cost of fish, traffic or costly vacation to unwind if people are responsible enough to preserve the beauty of Pasig river as it was before.

Everyday I watch the river dying....

I know I am nobody to appeal to everyone. PLEASE take a look at Pasig river, let us work hand in hand. LET US SAVE THE PASIG RIVER! Maybe, you're fed up with all these SAVE THE EARTH programs, but have you ever consider what you are leaving behind towards where you are heading. Most of the time, we have so many complains to everything we se even to small details. We don't like this and that. We complain regarding these and those, but have you done something yet or at least respond before you react.

Can we just stop complaining it won't do no good. Wake up! We are wasting our energy and time if we continue complaining it would be best if we drive that energy in responding what can we do about this and that. This is our country, this is our land and this is our Pasig river. Guys if no one will, who will?

" I'd like to appeal once more PLEASE PLEASE throw your garbage properly especially those wrappers or even the candy wrapper. Throw it in the trash can and if no trash can nearby you may put it to your pocket or bag for a while. Because I see a lot of people, once they have done eating junk foods they unmindfully throw the wrapper anywhere as simple as that. Have at least common sense Guys! "