October 21, 2012

How to Measure your Antioxidants level in your Body that will protect you against Cancer?

According to Dr. Richard Cutler : “ The amount of antioxidants that you maintain in your body is directly proportional to how long you will live.” (Dr. Richard Cutler is Anti-Aging Research Department Director National Institute of Health (NIH) Washington D.C. Antioxidant Health)

At these modern times, many people realized the significance of antioxidants in our body’s optimum health defence against free radicals. Science has known that Free radicals can damage cells, and may play a role in aging, many chronic diseases, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cataracts, and other diseases and the dreading disease CANCER. Antioxidants are found abundant in beans, grain products, fruits and vegetables. Yet, Japan Food Standardized Ingredients List stated that nowadays natural foods lose most of the nutrients due to environmental factors, soil destruction, and addictive processing. For examples: amounts of Vit. C in 100g of Spinach. 1950 – 150mg, 1963 – 100mg, 1982 – 63mg, 1994 – 13mg.

Dr. Lester Packer stated that it is very difficult for us to take all the essential nutrients through our daily diet alone. ( Dr. Lester Packer is the father of antioxidant and the world’s foremost antioxidant researcher.) A publication in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) released in June 2002 stated: “Therefore, supplementation is necessary. Besides, knowing our Body Antioxidant Index can determine the state of our health, that allows us to regulate our diet, lifestyle and supplementation.”

Thus, there is avalanche of antioxidant-rich foods and antioxidant-rich dietary supplements. But how can we validate if the food supplements we’re taking are working and can effectively increase our antioxidants in our body or simply an expensive junk that pass into our urine? How can we know also if the fruits and vegetables in our diet are more than enough to maintain our anti-oxidants for our body’s defence mechanism?

The ability to Measure is the basis of Science.  
Today, there is another breakthrough in Science that revolutionizes the health care system, the Biophotonic scanner. The Biophotonic scanner is invented by University of Utah, the same institution responsible for the artificial heart for the 21st century. (http://healthcare.utah.edu/publicaffairs/spotlight/Artificial%20Heart%20for%2021st%20Century.html)
This Biophotonic scanner is the world’s first non-invasive tool that effectively measures the level of antioxidant inside your skin. Simply placing your hand in front of a low energy blue laser light, you can measure your skin carotenoid level and obtain your Skin Carotenoid Score. Carotenoids are powerful antioxidants that found in fruits and vegetables. The Measurement of skin carotenoid levels by the Biophotonic scanner is a conventional and useful indication of carotenoid concentrations and provides an accurate and reliable biomarker of your body’s overall antioxidants status – SCS color zones help you determine whether you are consuming adequate amount of antioxidant containing nutrients. Unlike other biomarkers, SCS does not predict or diagnose disease. Biophotonic scanner was featured in Dr. Oz Medical Show in tv.

For those who wanted to know their antioxidants score, the Biophotonic Scanner is available here in the Philippines. Call me if interested to schedule a scan.

Rose Ann F. Sajol, RMT, RN

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