May 19, 2009

Vegan Haus Vegetarian Restaurant

Our family has a favorite restaurant it is a resto that offers vegetarian menus. The vegetarian restaurant is the Vegan House by Dr. Tam. The place is spick and span, and has aura of healthy fullness that entices you to dine to try their array of vegetarian menus. The Vegan House offers typical Filipino recipes of mechado, bopis, curry and a lot more menus to chose from.

The traditional recipes have adapted a new twist of vegetarian diet for health benefits. These vegetarian recipes are cooked with veggie meat or glutein (veggie meat and glutein are made of soybeans and serve as a replacement for pork, beef and chicken), organic vegetables and no artificial seasonings added like MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) or commercial food flavors.

The food menus of viands and desserts are entirely vegetarian, no meat, no dairy products, garnished with purely organic vegetables and savored of organic ingredients. Very organic huh! You can also try the Vegan House vegetarian siopao, you'll never regret it, it is as tasteful as meat siopao. Take note, there is available desserts as well, such as ice cream, polvoron and bread, all these are prepared and made of organic flour and ingredients wihout dairy products added.

Dining here, especially for vegetarian, health consious or people with health ailment, is worth the price, because foods and viands are organic, healthy at the same time has delectable taste. There are also available organic food products, organic vegetables and veggie meat in the restaurant for customers to buy.

We discover the Vegan House restaurant when my mother had an irregular bowel movement, then she heard this miracle tea from Dr. Tam Mateo which helps people without regular bowel movement and having constipation. Miracle tea is a combination of organic herbs for cleansing and detoxification of colon and the remaining eleminatory organs. This tea is unlike ordinary laxative, Miracle tea is not a chemical irritant, non-habit forming and has no side effects because of its organic substance.

Dr. Tam Mateo is naturapathic Doctor, Cancer Nutrition Specialist and Health Crusader. He is conducting free seminars about importance of proper and healthy diet without meat, dairy products, food preservatives and artificial seasonings or flavorings. Dr. Tam, as a Cancer Nutrition Specialist reiterated the good benefits of fresh vegetables, fruits and organic foods in your diet to have a body free of disease and cancer. And being naturapathic Doctor, he advices people to go back to basics, eat natural foods, don't eat too much most importantly meat and foods that are lavishly flavored and garnished, rather foods prepared in simplier manner are healthier.

Vegan House by Dr. Tam
Organic food products, organic vegetables and free vegetarian recipes.
Address: #433 F. Legaspi St. Maybunga Pasig city, Philippines.
COntact #: 900-0547 to 49, 900-0565, 09215920908.

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